XArt Discounts

Do you want to know a thing or two about any form of art? First of all, you don’t really need to have the inherent talent they are all talking about out there. That’s just plain shit if you ask me. Everything in this world is like clay that it needs molding in order for it to be shaped into something that makes sense or even more so, something that is profound.

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This then leads us to the art of practicing. You know what they say about practice, it makes everything perfect and that is a truth be told for most, if not all. So if you’re thinking about having some tutelage from a master of a certain craft that you’re into, great. But if you want to get a full grasp of what quality porn is all about and how you should be setting your standards from now on, then I suggest you go with XArt.


When you take things seriously right from the beginning, it will really take you somewhere you couldn’t even imagine before. X Art tends to be really critical with what it really wants to be – the ultimate pornographic resource. In order to do so, they have taught the adult industry that everything begins with one thing before humping into another, you know what I’m saying? Simply put, you will notice in their videos that all are acted out perfectly by the cast and the filming is done overly professional, beyond reproach for that matter. Right from the beginning, this is how they have been and this is the secret recipe to their success.

XArt houses the Goddesses of Porn as a lot of professional critics would say. They basically have over 200 models, to date, and they are all workshopped or simply put, well oriented with what it really takes to be a fully effective and substantive porn star. The girls have the emotions and the expressions. Altogether, they create a beautiful masterpiece, which is a collection of 590 sensual videos that exposes not only their physical nudity, but emotional boldness and audacity.

You’ll love the videos, they’re not that long, but are not that short either. They stand somewhere in the middle to keep you satisfied and intoxicated for the love of ladies and nude goddesses.

Our XArt discount gives you access for only $9.95 per month!

TS Playground Promo Codes

Have you ever thought of a world so bizarre that even the girls have penises? You know what I would call that if such a world exists? It’s a nightmare, I tell you. Perhaps for every normal human being, for every normal man with a standards for what women are go by the norms of our modern adulterated society, those who claim to be of the feminine species but are bearing the male genitalia would be contemptible.

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That is what I thought too. There are times, however, that our realities are thwarted and our perceptions are altered. Our opining and views change and sometimes we get to accept the species we would call the shemales. We even get to admit that they are at times even better than real girls. Now let us see them in action and cherish them through this review of TS Playground.


I always thought my beliefs and the way I see realities would be rigid to a solidness that cannot be broken. This site proved me wrong. TSPG proved me fucking wrong. They have the shemales to cut long story short and that is the whole point of this review. They are a porn site that specializes in producing films featuring the “hottest” shemales treading the streets and the several mundane concrete pavements and buildings of the western culture. If you are ready to have yourself questioning the will to be immersing in the world of the SMs, then this is no doubt the training ground for you. And it works.

TS Playground takes pride in all all of its creations. It doesn’t just squeeze everything in inside a jar and shake them all to create one hell of a mess like most porn sites would do these days. As of today, they have about 250 videos that are strictly and meticulously created. Considering the few number of videos you get to enjoy, they make sure that you still get the satisfaction or even more than what you could expect as much as you need. Each vid is good for nowhere less than 40 minutes, so the partitions of that would include a foreplay, the masturbation phase, the blow job part and the part where the shemale gives himself/herself a fellatio while the guy penetrates his dick into the transplant vagina. Woah!

Real talk, it’s amazing. Go for it and it’s only $9.95 a month. Liberate now, my friend. All hail the TS Playground.

Nuru Massage Promo Codes

There are so many sites online even on same niches but without any doubt these girls won’t rub you in any wrong way. Most of them are pure Asian and they are chosen very carefully for the member’s maximum viewing enjoyment.

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In the tour pages of this site you’ll be touched with the radiant gloominess of Orient lust. When the girls will hypnotize you with their eyes and hand work you will be seduced promptly. Like some others when I first saw their ad page I didn’t know what the meaning of Nuru Massage was. I found out in English the meaning of that word was slippery. They promise and provide high quality photos along with videos and a lot more.


I was nearly ready to move on to another site while I was surfing through the main membership area. A lot of text type info can be found in the content pages which will decrease both your interest and erection until you click on the movie link bar from the selection pages. Well, the Nuru Massage movies will surely take no time to revive you. They also renovated my trust on the site and relaxing massage work of the gorgeous girls as now, we’re back in the world of desire. Accuracy will be a good approach to illustrate their content display.

In the model index you will get short bios of the models that have performed in the contents. Right now members can enjoy over 269 videos in this site. All these are full length movies and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for about 20 minutes. You can just download them in WMV and MP4 formats. There is also a format compatible with iPod or PSP type mobile devices. All the contents are dated here which will definitely be appreciated by the members.

If you like photos then there are 280 galleries available at Nuru Massage to check out. Each one of them includes about 100 photos. Members can download them in zip archives. Quantity of the contents of this site may not be that much as it’s only about 8-9 weeks old. Don’t worry already they have made a handsome amount as they are adding fresh new content as update every Monday. Every membership of this site includes some bonus sites too so you will always have something new to check out each time you get in front of your computer screen.

SnapLeaks Discounts

There are a lot of porn sites with peculiar names and when I first saw the ad page of Snap Leaks I thought it is another one of that type who tries to collect members by providing strange titles.

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From the word leaks I thought it to be something like the WikiLeaks that leaks important and interesting info but then I thought it’s a porn site so it may be leaking homemade scandal type photos or videos and frankly speaking I really like them so I thought it to be something like Snapchat. You will have to pay a very little amount to get a membership here.


Well, it isn’t the only case either and that is really a big surprise but the reality flavored contents you get here are thankfully so much better. Continue reading to reveal the secrets about it.

SnapLeaks is actually a mega-site which is filled with photos and videos of 6 exclusive porn sites. In point of fact, these are not just typical porn sites, they were chosen because of certain qualities. If you check out the sites yourself, only then you can find out their specialties. In list the first one is named as Black GFs and it features beautiful and sexy black ebony babes who have perfect body shapes and they have soft fleshes just where I like them to be. This site contains hardcore scenes of ebony hotties only. They actually get fucked by their so called “boyfriend” who records the whole action in a hidden camera secretly. Concepts are same behind Crazy Asian GFs where the chicks are Asian that’s all. Those juicy girls suck big dicks nicely and get fucked by it.

Crazy College GFs has college student’s wild and hardcore scenes, in some public places sometimes for example blow job scene on a city bus. GF Revenge which contains member submitted “homemade” personal clips. Well, all of them are scripted but they tried their best to make it look real. Next you’ll get Dare Dorm and Horny Birds at last.

I checked out the sites along with the scenes as well and truly these contents have bugged me. Right now SnapLeaks discount members can enjoy over 726 videos in this mega-site. All these are full length movies and they can be only streamed in an embedded player so you can’t just download them. Each video comes with a photo gallery that makes total 726 galleries available here to check out.

White Ghetto Promo Codes

White Ghetto understand that no one wants to watch porn that is not entertaining, sexual, engaging, and cum inducing! The guys behind this site are called White Ghetto Films. These guys really do not do things in the conformist manner that studio pornsites do.

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The title that they have given themselves is the number one studio production house for niche porn. Now with other traditional studio porn houses, you get one type of genre/niche that they consistently do. With this particular company, the rulebook was thrown out of the window! You will find that their movies offer you a sample of various dishes like: hairy, tattoos, POV, anal, Asian, BBW, tranny, Indian, milf, teen, busty, pornstars, mature, uniforms, etc.


Things are different when it comes to these guys. You will find they do give members access to material from other bonus sites that are in the Fame Digital network. But back to what these guys offer! The material is fun action spanning fetish, hardcore, kinky porn genres. The movies are the prime source of entertainment but they also have very many pictures available for you. You can say that they have hardcore material in “standard” and “wild-freaky-fetish” formats. It makes them unique, something many porn sites are always striving to achieve!

The variety they offer also helps to not make their material monotonous repetitive boredom that will not help you get your dick hard! The galleries they have something like over 573 DVD movies, long movies usually playing for more than 1 hour. The picture gallery is full with over 1022+ galleries. Each pic set can be “wild-dripping-sexy” with more than 100 images inside. The site has archives that go back to 2006. Old and new material plus the bonus stuff from the network means so much variety/pornstars/sex scenes, it’s impossible for you to be bored!

The HD 1080p Mp4 files they produce for download, and HD files for streaming, is the kind of touch we like seeing from quality porn producers like these guys. Other file formats are Available. Zip file for pic download? Available. Slideshow features for previewing pics? Available. They cover all the bases in order for you to view the material easily. Material inside is tagged. That means searching is faster. There are niche sections that they provide. That makes your work lighter. You can stroke with one hand and surf with the other, if you so choose!

Now, apart from some upsells, some issues with the older material and its quality, some slight grievances about the true updating schedule that they use, everything else is simply a joyous experience inside this site. The thick sexy bottom line is this, if you need something from a studio company that has imaginative variety of porn, you have to check out White Ghetto. This is one of the better providers of debauched fetish/hardcore/standard/babe porn material in the market. The bonus material simply makes the deal you are getting deeply wonderful, check them out!

DDF Busty Discounts

DDF Busty is the place where you will find D, DD, F cup sizes when it comes to boobs, which also happens to be the name of the site, very cleaver stuff! The company that makes the material for these guys is called DDF and it’s a production company from the mind of one Denys Defrancesco.

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Over the years, Defrancesco group of sites that have come up have held very high rankings in the porn industry. They have stimulating high quality productions, and the do cover material from solo glam gals, BBW, to hardcore and lesbian porn.


This particular site is covered from top to bottom with hot European babes. They have material that is exclusive to the DDF Busty discount also. The collection inside is focused on the beautiful boobs of the babes. And just because we are all ogling at the boobs doesn’t mean that they don’t offer a variety of other scenes. You will see toy play, masturbation, group fucks, threesomes, hardcore pussy penetration, solo, lesbian, and other niches. Of course, there is also a lot of boob fucking happening inside. The models are a nice variety of body shapes, boobs, asses, hair color, and complexion.

The kind of caliber that these guys are known to produce is stunning 1080p and 720p HD movies. These are clear, and so real-life-like, you are definitely going to want to see more and more! The new material that they have added to their 1455+ movie collection is the material that comes to you in HD formats. They also have massive picture galleries, 1455+ galleries, 100 images inside 1 set. The quality of the pictures is high res, and there are multiple viewing options given for the movie gallery. You use the flash player to stream, you use the file formats they provide to download the movies. You have image sizes that you use to download. They give you zip file formats.

You don’t have to strain your eyes or anything else when you are navigating through the site. The search tools and browse options arrange and deliver material according to various criteria. List of scenes, list of models, links, menus, filters, and so many other options; all so that you can easily find the big booby babe/scene that makes your groin ache! They also offer you information about the scenes. They are updating multiple times every week. Now with big galleries, old material is slightly lower in quality. Still very watchable stuff, but hardly HD material. Minor annoyances may exist inside but from what we could see, they are polishing up and removing these issues so that you simply have perfection!

You cannot love watching hardcore porn with lots of beautiful busty gals and not love what DDF Busty is doing. They have everything at the right degree temperature to ensure members get what they want fast and reliably. They are a quality site worth investing in, so do it, you will have a blast inside this site for sure!

Only All Sites Discounts

If you have been scavenging for tips to successfully hack into a quick search rather than a painstaking one when it comes to finding the right dose of porn for you, there is actually only one thing that you need to know.

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All it really takes is to check out the name of the site first and it’s not usually because the title is appealing but instead something that comes in a cryptic yet similar manner. For instance, for a site that can truly be deemed a network, making sure that there’s the word “All” is there. A foolproof, living idea about them would be Only All Sites, which we will be reviewing concisely today.


Only All Sites is one the largest mega sites of today, incorporating more than 15 niche networks together in its determining database. There is no single genre focused on by this site since they tend to diversify what they have in their keeping. You know what the doctor says, right? Never forget to rotate your dietary intakes every now and then. Your body needs to adopt the different food groups to make it more versatile and less permeable to diseases. In like manner, porn through Only All broadens your range of lecherous uptakes every single day.

The first thing we have to look at with Only All would be its actual video count. From an original 5 niche sites compacted together for a database of 4,000 videos, the site has expanded to 15 niche porn networks drawing to it more than 10,000 videos ranging from vintage classics to modern art. One of the things worth mentioning about the site, too, is that it has an advanced search option, where you can filter the contents based on your preferences, be it by models, genre, niche, time ranges, and anything along the line. Downloading is also a great feature for any and all members – you can easily grab the photos that you want or download and convert the videos you love into the mobile phone or tablet that you hold.

Subscription starts at $44.95 and the renewal is much cheaper at only $29.97. You can also go with quarterly and annual subscription options which can save you more money in the long run. As an overall assessment, Only All Sites pretty much has everything you need for a fully diverse and healthy pornographic experience. Join and enjoy.

Videobox Discounts

VideoBox is one of the mega porn networks that incorporates over 10 niche sites in its database with a growing collection of highly acclaimed models and HD quality videos that transcendental the normal landscapes of the adult industry.

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To say the least, it raises the bar of the industry, deeming it more capable of sustaining a healthier, contrary to a morally engulfing, pornographic experience. If you’re on the verge of making a decision as to whether or not you should go with it, perhaps this is the best time for that since I will be giving a quick review about it. Simply read through for the full piece.


VideoBox, again, holds several different niche sites in one network which is its own. In order to make all of the videos run smoothly as can, they are formatted for the main portal’s built-in tube player, which in return seamlessly renders every video. You may recognize a lot of the models flocked in here, such as Brandy Love, Lexy Thomas, Anri Kazuya and Marla Krazinsky just to name a few. This network also excels in terms of video quality since no video goes below the 480p mark which is its minimum with the highest being full HD 1080p. Updates are also profusely done giving a much vaster range of choice by the day.

There are plenty of things to love about VBox, be it the girls along with their partners, the way the videos are being shot with moments truly captivating, the image quality being up to par boosting the overall user experience and much more. To be more specific, the niche sites altogether forms a conglomerate database of more than 10,000 plus videos. As mentioned, the site updates by the day, which means there’s always something new to expect almost every time you log in, considering that you log in to the site on a daily rather than an hourly basis. Well, can’t blame you if you love doing the M more profusely than the average adult. While there are photo galleries worth giving a skim through, they are all as downloadable as the videos that which you can make your phone a much more functional device of quality and on-the-go entertainment.

Before, the price was kind of steep at the $30 mark. Today, the VideoBox discount is running a promo where you can get a full monthly subscription for only $8.00. Great video, reasonable price – that’s the takeaway here.

New Sensations Discounts

You will let the gorgeous models playing up with your inner sensations at the New Sensations network, the name itself suggests. This network is having dedicated sites of exclusive action of all time super-hot and exotic models in their erotic actions.

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$7.95/mo. for one year


The network has a collection of 22 sites; some of them include Butt Divers, Four Finger Club, Jizz Bomb and Nachos Killer Pussy. Being a popular porn movies network, NewSensations has the ever hot pornstars collection. The sites offer more than 2250 erotic gorgeous pornstars in every glimpse of their pumping action.


These models cover up characters like busty coeds, anal sex, fisting, and milfs, POV, blowjobs, handjobs, cumshots, Latinas and much more.

After successful logging into the member’s area, you will see the updates section on the homepage where all the latest fucking, sucking and licking moments are uploaded. The various angle scenes are presented by previewing the slide show of the images.

Approximately, the number of videos of New Sensations network has reached 5234 videos all full of nasty and naughty actions. These videos can be downloaded in any format like flash, MP4 or AVI format for windows media player. You can also enjoy the action online by just playing it through the flash player. All the sensations are caught up and present in HD quality, so you will have a clear and crystal view of each and every drop of licking juice too from their shaved pussies.
Apart from these exotic videos, get ready to open up your pants and release your hardened dick because the picture gallery which contains high resolution 4828 pictures will extra harden your dick. You can see the nasty blondes stripping, posing and getting off with a dick with all new positions. Galleries are downloadable in ZIP format files.

The navigation system of the site is very good as all the media files are listed on the site in chronological order. You can search your favorite porn using your category or keywords in the search section of the site. Therefore, a specific sex act can be found and watched without any time being wasted.

It’s better to get the membership as soon as possible to see new fresh amateur faces to busty models like Gianna, Jayden Jaymes and Riley Mason. These models will arouse you and make you masturbate just by watching their actions on the screens; you can’t even control your hands to stop. This website is worth visiting for time and money always. So get ready to harden your dick as soon as you enter their sites.

Burning Angel Promo Codes

If you are not only interested in simple porn but also something different then you will love the site of Burning Angel. This site is a total package of punk, tattoo, emo, alternative and goth porn all together.

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Joanna Angel came up with the thought of a different porn action and now she is the founder of Burning Angel. This is not only a porn site, but also it’s a large and active community including a forum and blog as well as interviews, music and game review. You will also get an opinion or editorial section where you can get the more info details of the pornstars. Apart from these, of course you will be getting the hottest ever videos and photos in the site.


The site is having a large collection of videos like starting from lesbian actions or packed hardcore, one on one group sex, POV blowjobs, anal, zombie sex or solo. If you are a fan of solo action, then photo section will please you a lot with its different ranges of photos. There are a total of 1864 picture galleries present on the site having all hot and juicy actions caught up in camera. The sexy hot poses of the models or solo actions in the pictures will make you feel your dick harder than before and you will find a way to reach your own orgasm without controlling yourself.

The range of erotic HD videos is not bad of course. Having a total of 822 HD quality videos in the site, you will be able to find each category arranged in the site. These fuck sessions can be downloaded or can be viewed online in the flash player on the website only. Hot chicks will be found sucking all types of cocks, their tits dancing while they starting jerking on the hard dick, getting their juicy tits being sucked by a dude or a group of men, babes showing up their shaved pussies and inviting someone to just drink the juice coming out of it at one shot, fingering themselves and masturbating to reach the orgasm as soon as possible are some of the videos which can make you arouse at any time.

Burning Angel gets updates twice or thrice every month but with new range of tastes. Getting a membership here not only offers you just videos and pictures but also the access to a large porn community in the world. You will surely not regret it if you have it. So get ready to harden your dick as soon as you enter their sites.

Tainster Discounts

Tainster wants you to feel that you are not only joining a network, but a community. This community comprises of incredibly hard and crazy porn sites that just keep on getting bigger and crazier! They have a lot of messy kind of action including shower pissing fetish, party sex, vanilla kind of porn, and 18 sites that offer you more than you reasonably hoped for!

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They have grown and their tour page just made us want to check out the insides even more, so we did. Now sit down and let us tell you the madness we discovered!


What kind of material numbers are we talking about here! They have 416+ models inside, 271+ network DVDs, 4500+ scenes, and 4568+ picture galleries. That’s the spirit guys, more is always better! If you were thinking that you will be able to sieve through all this material, think again because they are always adding more updates so the numbers just keep on rolling up. Everything new that they have added is HD compliant. That means 1080p resolution for the videos, high res for the images. When you are looking at this high quality material, and witnessing the sexy gals reach climax repeatedly, you are going to go to that special zone where you will find your inner freak staring at you waiting for you to grab it, and tug it! That is what good porn does to you!

The long list of niches that they make is European centered mostly and definitely in the hardcore porn realm. The kind of action they keep on producing differs from the ordinary mainstream porn, slightly. They have been known to leave things a nice whitish mess! You will find that the gals and models inside the tainster discount membership are very sexy and beautiful babes.

You will have a good setup and navigation design inside. There are streaming functions and even mobile formats for some of the scenes. We already told you that they update daily so their galleries are always fresh with pics and pussy videos. They could make some improvements on the search engine to give it more teeth when it comes to sorting and finding options. Also the old material inside is not so high quality action. These minor faults pale in comparison to the many positive things you gain as a member.

Tainster first and foremost is just interesting. It’s the European models and the fact they can engage in such depraved hardcore sex scenes that makes you just want to watch forever. Secondly, they have a network that has all the elements of a quality porn producer. Third, they offer members so much porn action and are always bringing more to the table. Buying a membership to this network is smart, beneficial, and guaranteed to have your arousal levels pointing upwards all the time! Check them out!

Fame Digital Promo Codes

The way Fame Digital accomplishes its objectives of giving you hardcore porn is a bit different from other networks. You see, they have the main sites (Peter North, Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint, Devils Films, Rocco Siffredi, and the rest).

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These sites are connected to the main production houses that the network gets it material from. The other splinter sites inside are niche sites that can be seen as small sisters and brothers to the big main sites. If all this doesn’t make sense and you don’t care, well, you will care about this…there is a lot of high quality porn to be had inside this network! Let’s see what’s what!


The overall material that this network concerns itself with is hardcore DVD action. They have many different series and producers inside who create material for the sites, and in turn for the network. The entertaining archives inside are massive, mixed with all the ingredients of hardcore niches you want and love. If the strength of network is determined by how much porn material they have, then these guys must have muscles like that of a young Sylvester Stallone (Rambo!) With more than 7000 models, more than 61697+ picture galleries, and more than 4106 videos inside their network, they look and feel very massive indeed. This huge truck-full of porn is just amazing and one of the reason why their membership pass is such a valued treasure that you really must seek out!

The fact that the network has mobile, clips, scenes and full movies is just great for you. It means more flexibility when it comes to how you watch the material. They have streaming functions inside thanks to the flash player. The amount of 1080p videos you will come across inside is enough to make you want to shake every person’s hand who is involved with coming up with this network! It’s the new additions that are HD magnificent but the old action inside is not so bad either. As for the pictures, you can download them, or watch them online and you will have many galleries bringing high res quality to your screen.

The cohesion that the network enforces on all its sites is something we have to talk about. You will have lots of power inside the member area where you can see lots of material from the various sites under this network. The tools that are set before you help you sort out the DVD material, the models, movies, pics, niches, and categories. You will explore all the wonderful hills and valleys tucked inside this network and see everything your pervy needs demand. Material inside is date stamped so that you can see how often they update and you will have updates on a daily basis.

Being good is nothing, being the best is everything! That’s the motto we think Fame Digital goes by when they are making material, finding pornstars, models, and generally doing their stuff! Membership to this site is a worthwhile adventure that will probably go on for a very long time to come! You should check them out!

Passion HD Discounts

The introduction to this site called Passion HD is really intimate and very glamorous. You can tell from the very start that they love beautiful women, beautiful design, beautiful porno, and everything else that is sexually beautiful!

75% off Passion HD Discount

$9.95 for 30 days and

$7.95/mo. for one year


For a large portion of the gals featured inside this pornsite, you will notice that they are white, mostly from North America, and many are well known pornstars. There is a nice mixture of ladies with enhanced settings (boobs and asses) and those who have that natural beauty and curvaceous body that porno lovers crave.


How hot is the sex inside this site? Well, it might burn your clothes off if you sit too near! But seriously, it is wickedly sexual and wickedly erotic. Below are some more things we liked about these guys and how they handle their business!
The way that they present the smut action is impressive. They are competing with the best in the game when it comes to production quality. The way they make their videos only they know, but the result is high quality. The mood and the passions are slowly developed from zero to a hundred by the deliberate direction of the producers.

Things develop smoothly and rapidly inside. You will see many babes inside and all of them look certifiably hot! They do an update every other 3 days, so there will be growth of material for you to look forward to. They now have over 355 picture sets and 355 movies and a Passion HD discount inside. They have 200 pics in each set. They have windows media, mpeg, and mp4 formats for scenes. They have 720p and other HD material inside. They have fast downloading and streaming speeds, variety, navigational tools, and an all round erotic site that will make juices flow, shlongs hard, and all things wet!

As a member, you will be able to rate and comment. These interactive features make you feel really part of the site. There are various niches that this site covers. They do threesomes, hardcore, blowjobs, solo, and other genres. The 25-minute videos will seduce you with nice production quality.

There are things you can do with your time and money that will lead to unbelievable pleasure. One of these things is to join this site by the name of Passion HD. Why? They do hardcore porno and maintain a sexual passion that is really hard to describe in words. You just have to watch what they have to believe it. So, it’s time to get that membership, okay!

GF Revenge Discounts

GF Revenge looks like the site where anyone can become a star or a really good porn producer. People with cell phones, HD cameras, and other top-notch equipment film themselves and their gal-friends having sex all the time. Question is, what happens when there is nasty break up and the guys want some revenge?

76% off GF Revenge Discount

$17.95 for 30 days and

$9.95/mo. for six months


That is where this site comes in. They say that they have user-submitted action of exes. These amateur sex tapes are what this site offers to anyone who loves babes, revenge, sex, and loves watching exes getting screwed!


The material that they have, as we said, is user submitted. Whether that is really the case or not is debatable. All we know is that there is a lot of POV kind of porno inside.

This camera angle makes you feel intimately closer to the gals as they look at you (the camera) smile, moan, suck and let you penetrate their tight holes. Maybe the gals just wanted to see what it would like, or the dudes were extra convincing. Whatever the reason, we benefit from it and get to watch ex-girlfriends getting plowed! The ladies inside this site are very charming, sexy, cute gal-friends. For a lot of the material inside, there is a simple format that they follow. First, you will see the gals doing mundane stuff, nothing serious really. Then the dude with the camera comes over, talks a bit, the next thing you know dicks are sucked and holes invaded!

There are some gals inside who do solo action. There is even some gal-gal petting happening inclusive of your GF Revenge discount membership. And you really won’t believe some of the places that these gals get freaky in. These are some wild times with some wild ex-girlfriends for sure! Since the material is mostly amateur porno, you are going to see a lot of unfamiliar faces. This is refreshing from the heavy make-up pornstars you are accustomed to. You will be able to connect the dots easily from you, to the porno, to the gals, to you fucking the gals! They really look awesome and so “real” (if you know what we mean).

You will see clearly as day that the ex-gals inside are different when it comes to body shapes and sizes. You will find petite and very big bosom gals inside. There are whites, ebonies, Latinas, and a sprinkle of Asians. The gals you will see inside look like the kind you walk down the street and start talking to. The only difference is that these ones love doing nasty sexual things when the doors are closed! In their bags full of goodies, this site has some 283+ scenes and 283+ picture galleries. You will have to stream the movies only. No downloads yet. Every week, new updates. You will have more bonus scenes to watch that come from other sites. This means more value for your buck.

GF Revenge is for those with a craving for hot, sexual girlfriend action served with a healthy slice of realism and revenge. It’s not a bad site and it does have good porno. Check them out!

DDF Network Discounts

This is a porn hub that brings together 13 premium sites with exclusive content. The individual sites specialize in different niches and lovers of those niches can join individual sites separately.

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The network was created to allow multi-site access so that members can enjoy the different niches in one place. Joining the network will save you quite a number of bucks as well as time.


The network seems to have fallen in love with European babes. You will come across very many models from this part of the world. They will entertain you in glamorous as well as hardcore action. Whether you are interested in blowjobs, fetish, lesbian, threesomes and group sex, hardcore fucking or any other category that you can imagine of, DDF Network will give you something to satisfy all those fantasies. As a member, you are free to visit any of their quality sites including 1 By Day, Only Blowjob, Hands on Hardcore, House of Taboo and nine other sites. House of Taboo is particularly very exciting for those who enjoy wild sex. This is where you can get extreme scenes covering bondage sex, spanking, wild fucking, pissing and many other insane sexual adventures.

Definitely, you would expect such a large network to have enough content for you to watch for a whole decade. You will therefore not be surprised to hear that they have over 12,000 scenes with more than enough pictures accompanying each scene. You will get multiple updates each and every day. These updates have been coming in full-HD quality since 2011.Prior to that, you would go to as far as 2006 with HDV quality content. I doubt whether you will have time to watch the content uploaded prior to 2006 though you can go up to 2000 if you are a porn archaeologist.

Looking at the design of the site, you will find that they are generous with their DDF Network discount and with more than enough navigation tools provided for you to use. These include a model index and advanced search tool. You are allowed to download the movies and pictures in the sizes that look best to you.

If you are looking for quality porn videos with sensational glamour and hardcore action with an overdose of hot European babes, DDF Network is your desired destination.

Digital Playground Discount

Digital Playground is an online porn stadium where the best players in the market come to showcase their unique talents.

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For a model to join the team, cocks must be seen to rise when she passes by. If your favorite girl is a superstar, you will get her in this playground. The girls here place their best foot forward to ensure that they give you their best performance.


The game is purely hardcore though the categories vary from one scene to the other. For the first half, you can decide to watch lesbian, masturbation and solo plays. You may then take a rest or proceed directly to the finals where you can expect hardcore fucking in any of the two holes.

You will not need anybody to tell you that their photographers never slept in any of their photography classes. You will find enough evidence in the clarity in which they capture their videos. You will also notice the fantastic locations in which videos are captured. The action will be happening in gyms, backyards, offices, bathrooms, on the stairs and other crazy locations that you have probably never though about.

As a member of Digital Playground, every day is a game day for you. Prepare to watch over 489 videos with 828 models participating. Their photos galleries are in excess of 2,937.They also have Virtual TV and Extras sections where you can enjoy more plays.

Your journey to explore their content will be enjoyable. There are a variety of routes that you can use to arrive at your desired destination. You can decide to use the series title, the performer, keyword, individual scenes and many other elaborate routes that will take you to your desired destination. You will also get tools to jump from one location to the other without having to scratch your head. Reading about the biography of the models before you start watching their videos is normally a very good turn on. These guys have realized this fact and compiled complete biographies for their models. You can download their photos in zip files but the videos can only be streamed online.

The site has been in the market for quite some time and it seems that they are keen on making consistent improvement on their site. Particularly, their videos are now coming in high definition quality which is a very positive move from these guys. I have no doubt that any porn lover will enjoy membership in this site.

Peter North Promo Codes

Peter North is perhaps the greatest fuck this planet has ever had so far. In total, he has banged more than 2000 girls and performed in over 1600 movies. As if that is not enough, he continues to hunt for more babes and give them what they deserve.

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His hobby is traveling the world and discovering what the different parts of the world have to offer in terms of gorgeous women. Women just love him and presents themselves to him for a nice banging.


When it comes to shooting cum, Peter North is a guru. In fact, many people simply refer to him as the Cumshot Legend. Every girl that he fucks gets huge cumshots on her pretty face, ass or tummy. It is definitely a great fantasy especially if you put yourself in his shoes and imagine fucking all those gorgeous babes every day of the week.

You can now view his adventures which have been put together in this solid site. As a member you will also get to see what he has been up to as more videos continue flowing in.

Once you subscribe, you will get more than 521 DVDs containing over 2600 exclusive scenes. You will also unlock thousands of other movies that you can hardly complete watching in your whole lifetime. All these movies have been nicely arranged on different shelves depending on the type of niche covered.

Around 398 movies in the site are in HD MP4 format, and the rest can be streamed online or downloaded in WMW files. High resolution pictures are also on offer and can be accessed through the Pictures link. You can download and save these photos one by one.

The guy is always in action, meeting with new girls as well as preparing and updating any nice fuck that he gets in his studio. Your subscription to this site gives you direct access to 28 more sites. Some of these sites include Devils Film, Terra Patrick, Silvia Saint, Silver stone and many more high quality sites.

Their server is very fast hence downloading any movie takes you a very short time. This is definitely a great site for all lovers of hardcore porn. Check out Peter North and discover what he has been up to this week.

Playboy Plus Discounts

PlayBoy Plus is the master of softcore porn. The website brings you sexy women and sensational beauty. Everything is wrapped up for you in form of true HD videos and high quality pictures. Currently, they are boasting over 3,000 smoking hot models and more than 127,800 pictures in their stock.

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The collection is classified into a number of categories including playmates, cyber girls, celebrities, Internationals, coeds, amateurs and many more.


They have a great variety of girls who fall under various categories. They promise you busty babes, fresh faces, sexy wives, student bodies, all naturals and a variety of other categories.

These guys have been in the porn industry since 1960’s which translates to incomparable experience. It is the only site where you are going to get nude photos and videos of the most popular celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian and Katrina Darling, to mention just a few.

From the members’ area, you can access all these celebrities and many more gorgeous babes using the link provided. The links connects you to the various locations in the site such as the gallery, girls and videos. The gallery link will allow you to access all the pictures in their stock. These pictures can be downloaded in zip files.

The Playboy Plus discount quality of the content varies with some of the materials dating back to 1960’s.However, most of the updates that have been done in the last few years are in HD quality.

The content is purely softcore with gorgeous babes showing off their bodies in pictures and videos. However, you may get girls petting in some of the videos. For more than five decades, they have managed to come up with huge amount of content and still update the site with more materials each and every day.

With more than 4,200 videos now available for streaming online and downloading, PlayBoy Plus is definitely a nice treat for people who love softcore porn. Get your pass today and start enjoying this fantastic sensation.

Reality Kings Discount

There was a time in college when I had to take up the country’s constitution. I mean, learn a big chunk of the whole thing, you know, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. However, life is really good when it puts meaning to everything that you do.

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In the case of that course, there was this girl who I got to sit beside with. Her name was Francesca and since then, my life had never been the same. We were the same in many ways, and in a big way, we were writers. We shared the same affinity but torn between being lovers and friends.


So, we decided, hey, why not be friends with benefits instead. That is after all the whole meaning of being together. At least we got to keep our friendship and still get sex from time to time. Basically, this is all in relation to the one great magic I’m going to talk about to you today. It’s the magic of realism. The magic of Reality Kings.

Reality Kings is one of those porn hubs that won’t disappoint you with how it is not contrary to what it’s title would claim. It calling itself a king of the adult industry is perhaps not enough to give it justice. This is me, among all the other subscribers of the site, have proven that there really is art in reality, that when you make porn out of realistic scenes, spontaneous and unscripted, you get the best results.

Reality Kings has it all for you. It’s the massive database of porn contents you have been looking for. If you’re up to big boobed girls, lesbians fucking hot males, gays finally getting laid with girls, and other great stories in life in the name of sensuality, then this is the one to go to. It contains over 7,800 movies, most can be played in HD. It has a unique set of photo galleries. All the hot models are here, acting in a way they’re not. You know, natural. And for everyone else, this is what your $17.95 a month should get. 9.5 out of 10!

Evil Angel Discount

All the time, there’s always an angel looking after you. That is what my mom always told me when I was kid and in that way, me and Dean Winchester are the same. But, that’s as far as our similarities would go.

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Anyhow, the very reason I’m telling you a brief excerpt of my life is that today I’m going to review an adult site that you might find pretty interesting with its craftiness and distinctive genre.


It’s one that will tell you how every time you cum, there’s an angel out there, somewhere you can’t see with your human eyes, unfurling its wings and recovering from the sudden flutter. It’s the mature version of your mother’s story. It’s Evil Angel.

If you’re always ever been and always will be a fan of a wide variety of X-action video materials, or porn to make things much simpler, then you’re definitely up for the ride of Evil Angel. It is a porn site created by profoundly creative minds akin to the minds of our vintage Allen Ginsberg who has exhibited eccentric explicitness in his magnum opus “Howl.” This porn site is among the very few that has the authority to really hold you sway and leave a mark inside your heart. The kind of magic you have been looking for in terms of lustful immersion can be found here, where all the dark angels dwell and the hopeless romantics come to find meaning.

Evil Angel is where you will get the kind of colossal experience you have been rooting for since the time you have come to the maturity of wanting to masturbate day and night. This site is the massive database that many a men have been in search for since the time of memorial. There are over 4,400 videos in this site that continues to grow by day and night with constant updates from a team of pure dedication for the sake of sensual art. The videos are categorized and can be looked up in the easiest of ways through the search bar of the site. For as low as $19.95 a month, you will get a new kind of feel in the name of porn. Let the angels give you glory!

Sweetheart Video Promo Codes

Sweetheart Video is sweet to all of us because they give us unfettered access to their lesbian hardcore material. The videos inside all have lovely tight-bodied young adults aged between 18 years and 23. They also throw in some MILF just to be on the safe side! The ladies take the action to new heights with the incredible toy play that they engage in.

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For a lot of the material inside you will find that they fit into two broad categories. In the first one, you will find young succulent gals taking on older mature women and everybody having a blast-filled, orgasm intense fun time!


On the other side, the young 18 and 23 year something’s take on fellow young ladies and all you get is sexy moaning, sexing and Cumming. Either route takes you to destination lesbian hardcore heaven!

The gals also make material centred around various lesbian fantasies so there is that to keep you hot and bothered. The site really tries to infuse some storyline into their sex action. There is also a reality theme going on inside. This helps to make the material more engaging for the viewers.

And you don’t get some of the sex; you get all of the hardcore explicit sex! Licking, loving, fingering, toying, anal playing goodness is what this site offers plus lesbians taking strap-on dildos to the tight holes of fellow lesbians. You will see sorority passion, some orgies and threesome sessions, and other lesbian scenarios that come straight from the creative minds of professional lesbian porn makers (who make material for this site).

There are pornstars inside including young amateur faces so you have a mix of lesbians. To match the hot lesbian sexing happening, the site offers you high definition quality. This means 1080pxl resolution that is in formats including mobile ones. You receive mp4 and wmv video formats.

Older action doesn’t have the crisp beauty of high definition but still steams with good viewing quality. Streaming is an instant process. This is thanks to the flash player and you receive 146-plus, two hour long, DVD titles. These DVDs produce some 513-plus scenes so there is a nice amount of films to keep you company.

You get 324 Sweetheart Video models (or more) and 1130 image galleries (or more). You will find lots of pics in beautiful high resolution.

The member’s area is not something that is too glittery and fancy. It is simply well constructed to allow you to watch what you came for…lesbian porn.

There is section for the models and another for the DVDs. You can sort material according to various features/criteria.

The site is also trying to remain active with updates. These updates come in daily. Membership here means access to other sites from another quality network. This adds the amount of porn at your fingertips.

They may not be doing something very “out there” in terms of creativity, but they are good at the lesbian niche they have chosen. Give us a hardworking site any day of the week, that’s what we say! Sweetheart Video is definitely hardworking and definitely worth checking out, if you love lesbian quality hardcore porn!

Playboy TV Discounts

PlayBoy TV is the very seductive tentacle of the mightier PlayBoy porn company. This company has been producing stellar porn action every since it came out. They have been in the telly, the magazines and now they have branched into the internet sphere. Good for them!

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When you join this site, be prepared for lots of archive material from PlayBoy. You can also expect exclusive action from these guys and an involving experience all together.


You get various channels (75) when you join this site. These channels provide films and episodes that reach well over 1700. The films are mostly twenty to sixty minutes long.

There are some 170 models inside ranging different ages from sweet young teens to succulent milfs in their thirties. The videos come with screen caps so you will have some pictures to look at. Stream and download are features that this site provides.

The highest resolution you will find when it comes to the episodes is high definition. So, quality is definitely not watered-down on this branch of the PlayBoy sex empire!

Every 7 days (or so) you will see 2 new additions popping up on your screen. These are your updates. The PlayBoy Company has had various sites on the internet. Some have lasted and become cult classics others were disappointing.

This particular one is offering TV kind of PlayBoy magic to online members. It’s a bold concept, and for us, they definitely have made quite the effort! We definitely think that this site is one of their better ones.

When it comes to variety, do not sweat, this site has you covered. You will find sex parodies, comedy, instructional, teasing, reality and a host of other niches/categories inside the galleries. The models are also very sexy and you will see so many different boobs, shapes, and types.


Organization is a very important aspect of any porn site. The better the layout, the faster the members can get to the creamy sex-filled center.

On the Playboy TV discount site things are professionally done. This means good navigation features. It also means lots of information about techy kind of stuff like video size, download speeds, etc. The design of the site is erotic and functional.

There are parts/sections where you can find different material. You can locate the niche you want quickly and quietly so that you can slither back into your depraved place and let the PlayBoy material work its magic! Things do not disappoint inside this site.

PlayBoy, will you please give members more options when it comes to video formats? That is about the only big issue we had with site.


Involving, engaging, erotic, sensual, high quality, superb site! That is all we have to say about PlayBoy TV. The price is just right and the action is incredibly lively, so get your membership now!