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Peter North Promo Codes

Peter North is perhaps the greatest fuck this planet has ever had so far. In total, he has banged more than 2000 girls and performed in over 1600 movies. As if that is not enough, he continues to hunt for more babes and give them what they deserve.

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His hobby is traveling the world and discovering what the different parts of the world have to offer in terms of gorgeous women. Women just love him and presents themselves to him for a nice banging.


When it comes to shooting cum, Peter North is a guru. In fact, many people simply refer to him as the Cumshot Legend. Every girl that he fucks gets huge cumshots on her pretty face, ass or tummy. It is definitely a great fantasy especially if you put yourself in his shoes and imagine fucking all those gorgeous babes every day of the week.

You can now view his adventures which have been put together in this solid site. As a member you will also get to see what he has been up to as more videos continue flowing in.

Once you subscribe, you will get more than 521 DVDs containing over 2600 exclusive scenes. You will also unlock thousands of other movies that you can hardly complete watching in your whole lifetime. All these movies have been nicely arranged on different shelves depending on the type of niche covered.

Around 398 movies in the site are in HD MP4 format, and the rest can be streamed online or downloaded in WMW files. High resolution pictures are also on offer and can be accessed through the Pictures link. You can download and save these photos one by one.

The guy is always in action, meeting with new girls as well as preparing and updating any nice fuck that he gets in his studio. Your subscription to this site gives you direct access to 28 more sites. Some of these sites include Devils Film, Terra Patrick, Silvia Saint, Silver stone and many more high quality sites.

Their server is very fast hence downloading any movie takes you a very short time. This is definitely a great site for all lovers of hardcore porn. Check out Peter North and discover what he has been up to this week.

Playboy Plus Discounts

PlayBoy Plus is the master of softcore porn. The website brings you sexy women and sensational beauty. Everything is wrapped up for you in form of true HD videos and high quality pictures. Currently, they are boasting over 3,000 smoking hot models and more than 127,800 pictures in their stock.

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The collection is classified into a number of categories including playmates, cyber girls, celebrities, Internationals, coeds, amateurs and many more.


They have a great variety of girls who fall under various categories. They promise you busty babes, fresh faces, sexy wives, student bodies, all naturals and a variety of other categories.

These guys have been in the porn industry since 1960’s which translates to incomparable experience. It is the only site where you are going to get nude photos and videos of the most popular celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian and Katrina Darling, to mention just a few.

From the members’ area, you can access all these celebrities and many more gorgeous babes using the link provided. The links connects you to the various locations in the site such as the gallery, girls and videos. The gallery link will allow you to access all the pictures in their stock. These pictures can be downloaded in zip files.

The Playboy Plus discount quality of the content varies with some of the materials dating back to 1960’s.However, most of the updates that have been done in the last few years are in HD quality.

The content is purely softcore with gorgeous babes showing off their bodies in pictures and videos. However, you may get girls petting in some of the videos. For more than five decades, they have managed to come up with huge amount of content and still update the site with more materials each and every day.

With more than 4,200 videos now available for streaming online and downloading, PlayBoy Plus is definitely a nice treat for people who love softcore porn. Get your pass today and start enjoying this fantastic sensation.

Reality Kings Discount

There was a time in college when I had to take up the country’s constitution. I mean, learn a big chunk of the whole thing, you know, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. However, life is really good when it puts meaning to everything that you do.

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In the case of that course, there was this girl who I got to sit beside with. Her name was Francesca and since then, my life had never been the same. We were the same in many ways, and in a big way, we were writers. We shared the same affinity but torn between being lovers and friends.


So, we decided, hey, why not be friends with benefits instead. That is after all the whole meaning of being together. At least we got to keep our friendship and still get sex from time to time. Basically, this is all in relation to the one great magic I’m going to talk about to you today. It’s the magic of realism. The magic of Reality Kings.

Reality Kings is one of those porn hubs that won’t disappoint you with how it is not contrary to what it’s title would claim. It calling itself a king of the adult industry is perhaps not enough to give it justice. This is me, among all the other subscribers of the site, have proven that there really is art in reality, that when you make porn out of realistic scenes, spontaneous and unscripted, you get the best results.

Reality Kings has it all for you. It’s the massive database of porn contents you have been looking for. If you’re up to big boobed girls, lesbians fucking hot males, gays finally getting laid with girls, and other great stories in life in the name of sensuality, then this is the one to go to. It contains over 7,800 movies, most can be played in HD. It has a unique set of photo galleries. All the hot models are here, acting in a way they’re not. You know, natural. And for everyone else, this is what your $17.95 a month should get. 9.5 out of 10!

Evil Angel Discount

All the time, there’s always an angel looking after you. That is what my mom always told me when I was kid and in that way, me and Dean Winchester are the same. But, that’s as far as our similarities would go.

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Anyhow, the very reason I’m telling you a brief excerpt of my life is that today I’m going to review an adult site that you might find pretty interesting with its craftiness and distinctive genre.


It’s one that will tell you how every time you cum, there’s an angel out there, somewhere you can’t see with your human eyes, unfurling its wings and recovering from the sudden flutter. It’s the mature version of your mother’s story. It’s Evil Angel.

If you’re always ever been and always will be a fan of a wide variety of X-action video materials, or porn to make things much simpler, then you’re definitely up for the ride of Evil Angel. It is a porn site created by profoundly creative minds akin to the minds of our vintage Allen Ginsberg who has exhibited eccentric explicitness in his magnum opus “Howl.” This porn site is among the very few that has the authority to really hold you sway and leave a mark inside your heart. The kind of magic you have been looking for in terms of lustful immersion can be found here, where all the dark angels dwell and the hopeless romantics come to find meaning.

Evil Angel is where you will get the kind of colossal experience you have been rooting for since the time you have come to the maturity of wanting to masturbate day and night. This site is the massive database that many a men have been in search for since the time of memorial. There are over 4,400 videos in this site that continues to grow by day and night with constant updates from a team of pure dedication for the sake of sensual art. The videos are categorized and can be looked up in the easiest of ways through the search bar of the site. For as low as $19.95 a month, you will get a new kind of feel in the name of porn. Let the angels give you glory!

Sweetheart Video Promo Codes

Sweetheart Video is sweet to all of us because they give us unfettered access to their lesbian hardcore material. The videos inside all have lovely tight-bodied young adults aged between 18 years and 23. They also throw in some MILF just to be on the safe side! The ladies take the action to new heights with the incredible toy play that they engage in.

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For a lot of the material inside you will find that they fit into two broad categories. In the first one, you will find young succulent gals taking on older mature women and everybody having a blast-filled, orgasm intense fun time!


On the other side, the young 18 and 23 year something’s take on fellow young ladies and all you get is sexy moaning, sexing and Cumming. Either route takes you to destination lesbian hardcore heaven!

The gals also make material centred around various lesbian fantasies so there is that to keep you hot and bothered. The site really tries to infuse some storyline into their sex action. There is also a reality theme going on inside. This helps to make the material more engaging for the viewers.

And you don’t get some of the sex; you get all of the hardcore explicit sex! Licking, loving, fingering, toying, anal playing goodness is what this site offers plus lesbians taking strap-on dildos to the tight holes of fellow lesbians. You will see sorority passion, some orgies and threesome sessions, and other lesbian scenarios that come straight from the creative minds of professional lesbian porn makers (who make material for this site).

There are pornstars inside including young amateur faces so you have a mix of lesbians. To match the hot lesbian sexing happening, the site offers you high definition quality. This means 1080pxl resolution that is in formats including mobile ones. You receive mp4 and wmv video formats.

Older action doesn’t have the crisp beauty of high definition but still steams with good viewing quality. Streaming is an instant process. This is thanks to the flash player and you receive 146-plus, two hour long, DVD titles. These DVDs produce some 513-plus scenes so there is a nice amount of films to keep you company.

You get 324 Sweetheart Video models (or more) and 1130 image galleries (or more). You will find lots of pics in beautiful high resolution.

The member’s area is not something that is too glittery and fancy. It is simply well constructed to allow you to watch what you came for…lesbian porn.

There is section for the models and another for the DVDs. You can sort material according to various features/criteria.

The site is also trying to remain active with updates. These updates come in daily. Membership here means access to other sites from another quality network. This adds the amount of porn at your fingertips.

They may not be doing something very “out there” in terms of creativity, but they are good at the lesbian niche they have chosen. Give us a hardworking site any day of the week, that’s what we say! Sweetheart Video is definitely hardworking and definitely worth checking out, if you love lesbian quality hardcore porn!

Playboy TV Discounts

PlayBoy TV is the very seductive tentacle of the mightier PlayBoy porn company. This company has been producing stellar porn action every since it came out. They have been in the telly, the magazines and now they have branched into the internet sphere. Good for them!

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When you join this site, be prepared for lots of archive material from PlayBoy. You can also expect exclusive action from these guys and an involving experience all together.


You get various channels (75) when you join this site. These channels provide films and episodes that reach well over 1700. The films are mostly twenty to sixty minutes long.

There are some 170 models inside ranging different ages from sweet young teens to succulent milfs in their thirties. The videos come with screen caps so you will have some pictures to look at. Stream and download are features that this site provides.

The highest resolution you will find when it comes to the episodes is high definition. So, quality is definitely not watered-down on this branch of the PlayBoy sex empire!

Every 7 days (or so) you will see 2 new additions popping up on your screen. These are your updates. The PlayBoy Company has had various sites on the internet. Some have lasted and become cult classics others were disappointing.

This particular one is offering TV kind of PlayBoy magic to online members. It’s a bold concept, and for us, they definitely have made quite the effort! We definitely think that this site is one of their better ones.

When it comes to variety, do not sweat, this site has you covered. You will find sex parodies, comedy, instructional, teasing, reality and a host of other niches/categories inside the galleries. The models are also very sexy and you will see so many different boobs, shapes, and types.


Organization is a very important aspect of any porn site. The better the layout, the faster the members can get to the creamy sex-filled center.

On the Playboy TV discount site things are professionally done. This means good navigation features. It also means lots of information about techy kind of stuff like video size, download speeds, etc. The design of the site is erotic and functional.

There are parts/sections where you can find different material. You can locate the niche you want quickly and quietly so that you can slither back into your depraved place and let the PlayBoy material work its magic! Things do not disappoint inside this site.

PlayBoy, will you please give members more options when it comes to video formats? That is about the only big issue we had with site.


Involving, engaging, erotic, sensual, high quality, superb site! That is all we have to say about PlayBoy TV. The price is just right and the action is incredibly lively, so get your membership now!