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There was a time in college when I had to take up the country’s constitution. I mean, learn a big chunk of the whole thing, you know, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. However, life is really good when it puts meaning to everything that you do.

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In the case of that course, there was this girl who I got to sit beside with. Her name was Francesca and since then, my life had never been the same. We were the same in many ways, and in a big way, we were writers. We shared the same affinity but torn between being lovers and friends.


So, we decided, hey, why not be friends with benefits instead. That is after all the whole meaning of being together. At least we got to keep our friendship and still get sex from time to time. Basically, this is all in relation to the one great magic I’m going to talk about to you today. It’s the magic of realism. The magic of Reality Kings.

Reality Kings is one of those porn hubs that won’t disappoint you with how it is not contrary to what it’s title would claim. It calling itself a king of the adult industry is perhaps not enough to give it justice. This is me, among all the other subscribers of the site, have proven that there really is art in reality, that when you make porn out of realistic scenes, spontaneous and unscripted, you get the best results.

Reality Kings has it all for you. It’s the massive database of porn contents you have been looking for. If you’re up to big boobed girls, lesbians fucking hot males, gays finally getting laid with girls, and other great stories in life in the name of sensuality, then this is the one to go to. It contains over 7,800 movies, most can be played in HD. It has a unique set of photo galleries. All the hot models are here, acting in a way they’re not. You know, natural. And for everyone else, this is what your $17.95 a month should get. 9.5 out of 10!

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